In every moment, parents choose either to interfere with or to enhance the relationship with their children and their emotional development. The balance between a micromanagement style and a total-freedom style of parenting is Relationship-Based Parenting.

3RParenting shows parents how to create an intentional parenting plan that addresses the most common parenting challenges and stress-inducing interactions between parents and children with solutions that ensure parents raise Responsible, Respectful, and Resilient adults.

Relationship-Based Parenting helps children establish healthy roles within the family and society while creating new opportunities for parents to stay connected and maximize every minute of time together with their children.

3RParenting in the home.

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Relationship-Based Parenting is a four-stage process.


Identify your current parenting mindset and discover insights into your child’s challenging behavior to maximize positive and lasting change.


Create a vision that will restore balance in your family today and for years to come.


Put your plan in motion by making small changes without throwing your family into chaos and confusion.


Commit to change and then utilize the tools provided to stay the course.

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  • Are you preoccupied at work recalling the fight you had with your child as you left the house?

  • Are you finding it harder to stay focused and engaged with projects because your thoughts keep turning to the conflicts at home?

  • Does it seem that if your life at home improved, life at work would also improve?

  • Is the imbalance of your life leaving you tense and distant with co-workers and family members?

  • Is the struggle your child is having in school making it hard for you to concentrate at work?
  • If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are one of the 39% of employees who are negatively impacted by work-life imbalance.