We’ve all experienced a “Red Zone Moment” with one of our kids. You are headed to the car when someone throws a fit about mismatched socks, a ponytail that is too tight or just a snarky attitude that sets you on edge.

Instead of “giving away” precious time in power struggles these short videos help parents recover from high stress moments and offer powerful maneuvers for getting back to the task at hand.

As a result, parents feel confident that they are making informed, thoughtful and respectful parenting decisions and this means they arrive at work focused, relaxed and ready to contribute to the success of the group, project or bottom line.

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Challenges include everything from

  • high stress mornings
  • kids who fight
  • a lack of cooperation
  • bad attitudes
  • technology
  • homework and more

Each of the 20 topics includes between five and twelve short videos providing step by step instructions on how to not only improve the situation, but to resolve it completely. As things get progressively better at home, parents find they are more relaxed, more engaged and more energized when they are at work.


This video series is designed to introduce parents to Vicki’s Less is More Approach to Parenting in a systematic and organized way so that any family – with kids of any age – experiencing any kind of challenge, can make deep, transformative change, over time. If our goal is to raise high functioning, emotionally healthy, engaged and contributing members of society, then this series is the “How”.

“Where other parenting approaches have failed, a less is more approach returned our family to happiness and harmony.”

-Rita E., mother of three, project manager.

View samples.