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During a 3RParenting Organizational Diagnostic, 3RParenting specialists will come to your organization and assess how at-home stress is impacting your organization as well as how that stress affects other employees.

These discoveries are then analyzed and presented back to your leadership team in a facilitated offsite meeting. Results include identifying which parts of your organization face the highest degree of parenting-related stress and what issues parents in your organization struggle with the most.

But we won’t just drop that information in your lap. 3RParenting will then provide a list of recommended actions based on your results, including targeted offerings to meet the needs of parents in crisis and on-demand resources and programs to be utilized by all employees.

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As a 20-year veteran Parent Educator, Vicki Hoefle has studied parenting through the lens of Adlerian Psychology and lived the 3RParenting methodology with her own family.

Sample Speaking Topics

  • Duct Tape Parenting, an Overview
  • Family Meetings that Move
  • Growing a Grownup
  • Allowance 101: Practice Saving, Spending, and Giving It Away
  • Create a Parenting Roadmap for Success
  • Are you Ready to Quit Your Job as the Maid?


I was introduced to Vicki Hoefle’s program over three years ago and it has transformed our relationships with our three daughters in ways that will impact all of our lives for years to come. I’m always willing to share my experience so more families can learn about this life-changing approach to parenting.

Catha Lamm
Director of Public Information
Thayer School of Engineering
Dartmouth College



Expert 3RParenting facilitators utilize our proven approach to deliver workshops to your organization or train members of your organization to facilitate 3RParenting content internally.

Our proven approach tackles parenting issues such as

  • Relationship Strategies that work to create respectful relationships with all members of the family and get everyone out of the door on time in the morning.
  • Discipline Strategies to teach kids self-discipline, self-control, and personal responsibility, not compliance and obedience.
  • Quitting Your Job as the Maid so you take care of your child’s emotional needs and allow kids to master self, social, and life skills to ensure they become independent contributing members of society.
  • Dealing with Tantrums and other negative behavior without feeling guilty and how to help kids develop the resiliency necessary to deal with a sometimes cruel and uncaring world.
  • Seven Questions to Consider as you live with children and raise young adults who are adequately prepared to leave your home at 18, throw open the doors, and enter adulthood with confidence and enthusiasm.