3R Parenting can provide packaged solutions for Employee Assistance Program providers to offer to their corporate clients.

Video Training Program
3RParenting’s Video Training Program provides key solutions and insights for parents along two tracks: Targeted Behavior Interventions & Relationship Enhancement.

Comprehensive Relationship-Based Parenting Series

Our Comprehensive Relationship-Based Parenting Series provides focused assessments, tools, and resources to help employees solve the parenting concerns they face.

Individual and Group Coaching
Address specific concerns and accelerate relationship-building success through consultation with a 3RParenting Coach.

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In addition to our EAP Services, we offer 3R Parenting services directly to organizations for their staff and families.

Organizational Diagnostic
3RParenting’s specialists assess the impact of parenting issues on your organization.

Comprehensive Relationship-Based Parenting Series
3RParenting’s Comprehensive Video Training Series provides focused assessments, tools and resources to help employees solve the parenting concerns they face.

Bring 3RParenting founder and 20-year Parent Educator Vicki Hoefle directly to your organization to share the lessons she learned developing the 3R methodology.

Classes and Workshops
3RParenting leverages a proven approach to tackling parenting issues and building the parent-child relationship.

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“3RParenting is a resource that gave me time for myself, was informative, and was very enjoyable! Vicki is honest and she doesn’t beat around the bush. It is great to live with a thirteen-year-old girl that does all of the house work, is pleasant, and still likes me at this point in her life.

I leave the house in the morning with a clear focus and feel confident in my role as her mom. This course has made all the difference for me. I am grateful that my company made this program available to us.


Brenda A. Convery
Sr. Compliance Associate
Market Conduct & Compliance
National Life Group, Vermont

Bring 3R Parenting to your organization.

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